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Montréal Thematic Meeting on Metropolitan Areas

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Denis Coderre

"Today metropolitan areas state clearly and unequivocally that they are key players and that they are part of the solution to achieve the goal of sustainable urbanization."

Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montréal and President of the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal.

On October 6 and 7, 2015, the Montréal Thematic Meeting on metropolitan areas took place. Organized by the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal, this event was held under the aegis of the United Nations (UN). The Montréal Thematic Meeting is one of the eleven thematic and regional meetings to help prepare the Third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III) to be held in Quito in 2016.

The conference program spanned two days. During the first day, three dialogue sessions focused on the challenges of urbanization in the 21st century and the contribution of collaborative mechanisms implemented at the level of metropolitan areas. During the second day, participants contributed in the light of their experience to the development of the final version of the Montréal Declaration on Metropolitan Areas.

Greater Montréal is now part of the process leading to Habitat III [PDF 463 KB] and will significantly help to adopt the New Urban Agenda, an agenda that will inspire international community policies over the next 20 years.

The Montréal Declaration on Metropolitan Areas

The approach for drawing up and adopting the declaration built on the collaboration experience and collective learning between local authorities and civil society acquired by the CMM in developing and implementing the Metropolitan Land Use and Development Plan for Greater Montréal.

Thus the Montréal Declaration on Metropolitan Areas is the result of a transparent and inclusive process that began in the summer of 2015 with the publication of a discussion paper "Metropolitan areas at the time of Habitat III" [PDF 1.1 MB]. The document portrayed the evolution of cities subjected to the accelerated process of urbanization and demonstrated the importance of providing metropolitan areas with mechanisms to respond to this global challenge. A zero draft declaration [PDF 1 MB] was subsequently drafted and submitted for discussion through an interactive exchange platform - e-discussions - allowing Member States, metropolitan institutions, municipalities and civil society to participate in the discussion. Following this first interactive exchange, a report [PDF 3MB] was produced based on the feedback,  enhancing the draft declaration. The draft declaration [PDF 1.8 MB] was then submitted and discussed at the Montréal Thematic Meeting. Deliberations on the content of the declaration took place between civil society and experts, Member States , municipal institutions and metropolitan areas. The consensus building process led to the adoption of the Montreal Declaration on Metropolitan Areas [PDF 1.8 MB], marking the end of the event.

The process leading to the Montréal Declaration on Metropolitan Areas has helped to highlight the importance of the dimensions of identity, belonging and social cohesion as success factors in the sustainable development of metropolitan areas.

The Montréal Declaration on Metropolitan Areas emphasizes furthermore the importance of metropolitan cooperation to meet the challenges of global urbanization which is concentrated in metropolitan areas. It proposes the establishment of partnerships between States, local and metropolitan institutions and civil society in order to continue to improve the quality of life of citizens. The Declaration aims to be an important contribution to the New Urban Agenda to be adopted in Quito in 2016.

Download the Montreal Declaration [PDF 1.8 MB]

Follow-up committee and promotion of the Montréal Declaration

To follow up and promote the Montréal Declaration on Metropolitan Areas and its inclusion in the New Urban Agenda, a committee will be created. This committee will be composed of the Chairs and Co-Chairs who presided the UN Member States, local governments and civil society plenary sessions at the Montréal Thematic Meeting on Metropolitan Areas.


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